Performers : Mateo Galindo Torres, Rachel Cowal, Lisa Emmons

Photo credit : Ömer K. Yükseker 


Form Contemporary Dance Theatre is committed to the creation, education, research and presentation of dance, both as an art form unto itself and in collaboration with other artistic disciplines. Form CDT generates interest, appreciation, and an appetite for dance and the related arts, creating strong and lasting relationships with those who share the experience. 

In all its practises, Form CDT includes specific and raw movement as the main tool for artistic expression. The company’s approach to movement practice creates physical specificity in qualities and form, as well as ignites imagination, intuition, and instinctive answers to creativity. Vulnerability is one of our most precious tools during our creation process. The company explores the concept of vulnerability as the ability to expose and reveal realities, truths, cultural experiences, fears and uncertainty.  

Our work is geared towards audiences who want to reflect and be inspired, those with active and curious minds who are looking for a show that leaves them contemplating and engaged long after the performance.

The goals of the company are to create a platform for professional artists to hone their craft, to produce work that is moving, provoking and inspiring, and to help build the community of people who love experiencing dance and art


"The collective is creatively more  powerful than the individual. Pick your collaborators then trust them completely." - LE