artistic statement


Our work is geared towards audiences who want to reflect and be inspired. Our performances have plenty of entertaining moments but our target audience are those with active and curious minds who are looking for a show that leaves them contemplating and engaged long after the performance.  Vulnerability is one of our most precious tools during our creation process. We seek to expose our truths (fears, weakness, happiness, etc.) within the work we create. As Gary Smith from the Hamilton Spectator said when writing about Form: “Think cutting-edge...It challenges notions of what dance ought to be.”  We would love for you to join us in our creative journey. We are always honoured to welcome and introduce new audiences to our work. After the show please join us after the show for a pint.


"The collective is  creatively more  powerful than the individual. Pick your collaborators then trust them completely." LE   


“The line between accessible art that requires interpretation and pretentious art that is inaccessible is a line I think artists should explore, push, and break.” JF


“Nothing should be absolute or immobile; everything needs to be challenged to allow for growth and evolution.” MGT


Performers : Mateo Galindo Torres, Rachel Cowal, Lisa Emmons

Photo credit : Ömer K. Yükseker