Every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts

In Collaboration with HCA Dance Theatre
DROP-IN (pay-what-you-can suggested donation $10.00)Check our social media for updates (fb page, instagram, twitter) to confirm class is happening. 

Dynamic Vulnerability and Physicality

This class will flow through various structured improvs and choreographed exercises to find avenues to access our vulnerability and ferocity (emotionally, physically and relationally).  

Beginning with tuning our awareness to the sensations, feelings, emotions and desires that are intrinsically present and allowing them to blossom into physical expression.

We will challenge our physicality through dynamically shifting floor work and explosive speed paired with serene continuous slow movements. How slowly can you move? How much time can you take?

We will challenge our performance and awareness of one another through collective conscious improv and movement sequences. Can we all move, pause, breath speak together in similar fashions in an improv setting?

This class will be exciting, dangerous and exhilarating. The tools will inform interpreters and choreographers.