Choreography: Mateo Galindo Torres

Text and Dramaturgy: James Farrington

Outside Eye and Mentor: Heidi Strauss

Costumes and Set: Robyn Macdonald

Lighting Design: A.J. Morra

Performance: Lisa Emmons, Mayumi Lashbrook, Philippe Poirier, Amanda Pye and Mateo Galindo Torres 

Blue(dot)Political is an intense and dramatic piece where characters shift and twist between the ones who are seemingly in control and the people who follow and overthrow. The inspiration to Blue(dot)Political comes from an exploration and interrogation of the roles of leader and follower and exposes how those roles are not so easily defined

Watch the trailer of Blue(dot)Political


Choreography: Lisa Emmons and Mateo Galindo Torres

Costumes: Robyn Macdonlad

Lighting Design: A.J. Morra

Performance: Lisa Emmons, Mayumi Lashbrook and Mateo Galindo Torres

Reverie is an outlandish piece combining joyful and quirky movement and repeated gestures to explore the wandering rambling thoughts that we all often experience. Combining video projection and live performance, Reverie explores repetition, automatism and the natural meanderings of the mind.




Choreography: Lisa Emmons

Text and Dramaturgy: James Farrington

Performance: Anthony Rapoport, Mateo Galindo Torres, Caryn Chappell, Damian Norman, Nicole Meehan and James Farrington

Storm and Silence is inspired by the life of Lorelei, a professional dancer living in Germany during WWII and the GDR era. Forced to abandon her profession, Lorelei escapes into the Elbe River and enters a mythological world of loss and death that invites spectators to consider that we have no better task than to take pleasure in our lives and pursue our passions.

Featuring an exceptional cast and live music, Storm and Silence invites its audiences to question definitions of power, control, longing, pleasure, freedom and escape. How do we find pleasure? Who are our oppressors? Where do we escape? At what cost? 

Watch the trailer of Storm and Silence


Choreography: Mateo Galindo Torres

Performance: Lisa Emmons, James Farrington and Caryn Chappell

Informed by the stereotypical roles of women in society, I:Solo explores Lisa’s insatiable desire for communication confined by her own reality. In our society we end up building the cages that confine us, sometimes as a result of following the “rules” or to fit into a predefined model. This piece is a call to rethink ourselves and challenge the perception of our reality.